They Dead Releases New Lyric Video

They Dead is a 4 piece rock band from Minneapolis Minnesota featuring members of Story of the Sea and Push on Junior. The band formed in 2012 and released their debut album “Lizards All” in June of 2013. The album was submitted to college radio stations all around the US shortly after its release and was featured in the CMJ top 200 chart. Rift Magazine was one of the first to catch wind of the album and described it as “a refreshing combination of alternative with elements of punk and metal.”

The band now has music from the album on youtube in the form of their new lyric video for “Actress.” The video was created by Jake King and features a simple approach that highlights both the album’s artwork,  and the song’s harder0edged delivery. Check out the lyric video below:

I discovered the band working as the music director for WMLU 91.3 FM in Farmville, Virginia and I have been hooked ever since. Here’s an excerpt of my initial thoughts on the album, which was featured on Another-Rock-Blog (now closed):

“The band’s debut “Lizards All” is certainly rock, but this batch of songs shows off many dimensions of the band that touch on multiple sub-genres. I highly recommend checking out “Where You Live Now,” which features the band’s layered approach with its tasteful use of organ and cavernous backing vocals. Bryan Knisley’s vocals are mellow at times without getting lost behind the other instruments… The songs also feature impressive guitar lines that don’t follow an old blueprint. They are lines that sound weird in a good way that Josh Homme would certainly approve.”

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Purchase “Lizards All” HERE

Let your voice be heard! Post your thoughts on They Dead and the new video in the comments section.


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