Diamond Youth Releases New Music Video

Diamond Youth is an alternative rock band out of Baltimore, Maryland, Richmond, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois. The band came together in 2010 but due to the distance between members, the band used technology to their advantage. Using iChat, garage band, and other tools, the band overcame the odds and started releasing EP’s on bandcamp and other outlets. The band has now prepared yet another EP, “Shake” which is set to come out via Topshelf Records in 2014 and they have released a music video for the first single, “Can’t Shake the Feeling.”

The song follows the mold on the bands previous releases and features the alt. rock delivery with just a little bit of Josh Homme in the vocals. The video is odd to say the least but it does it’s job by keeping fans hooked throughout the entire song. It’s a frantic mash-up of humor and all out craziness but that’s no putdown, it really works. The band has shared the stage with notable acts across the US such as Jimmy Eat World and they already have some shows lined up in February with Turnstile, Turnover, and Angel Dust. Check out the video and leave a comment below!

‘Like’ the band on Facebook HERE.


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