Band to Look Forward to in 2014: Happy Diving

Happy Diving are a alternative/noise rock band from the Bay Area and they have a brand new EP coming out on January 14, 2014. This band has combined elements of alternative, grunge, punk, and some pop into one tasty wall of sound. The self-titled EP will be out via Father/Daughter Records and fans can catch two tracks now (including one for free download) on their bandcamp page. So what’s so special about a band who is only releasing their first batch of songs? Well, check out the two tracks and find out. Happy Diving captures 90’s bliss with ‘Sincere.’ The main riff is something fans of HUM have been missing for years and the pop undercurrent beneath the copious amounts of fuzz will keep you repeating the track over and over again. It could easily remind one of JEFF the Brotherhood in both structure and production. “Complacent” offers a taste of something completely different with its faster pace and more punk oriented delivery.

Another major highlight of the tracks has to be the band tracked the material live with Jack Shirley in October. Live tracking has been on the rise with releases lately and these songs greatly benefit from that approach. The raw feel combined with perfect imperfections is such a relief over the over-processed computerized pop that dominates the airwaves. The band has already garnered attention with this debut and they will continue to rise with it’s full release in January.

‘Like’ Happy Diving on Facebook HERE.

What are your initial thoughts on the band? Leave a comment and let your opinion be known!


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