Johnny’s Sister Updates on New Studio Album

Johnny’s Sister is a five piece rock band hailing from the city of angels and they’re ready to take rock music where is needs to go. Less than a year removed from their debut release, “Otsego,” the band released an update regarding their sophomore album entitled “Minnesota Juice” on their Facebook page:

Byron and Scottie finished preproduction for the drums today for the band’s upcoming sophomore album, “Minnesota Juice”! Tracking for the record will begin in January!”

Comprised of Byron Richard , Heath Ransonnet , Scottie Carneghi (Greta, Buffalocomotive), Justin Lewis , and Kristyan Ransonnet, Johnny’s Sister combines old-school elements of Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden without coming across as a carbon copy of any of their influences. “Otsego” is a strong debut that showcases each member of the band well. Check out the official music video for “Taught” below:

No announcements have been made yet regarding a release date for “Minnesota Juice” but check back here for more information on Johnny’s Sister when it is released.

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