Mos Generator Completes Work on New Album

Hey stoner rock fans, better yet hey rock fans! Mos Generator has announced via Facebook that they have completed work on a brand new studio album. The eighth album from the band will be entitled “Electric Mountain Majesty” and will be out in March through Listenable Records. The band didn’t stop there however, they went on to announce a series of other releases that fans will surely get excited about.

– Listenable will Issue “In Concert” on CD with 5 bonus tracks.
– Mos Generator/TeePee Creeper split 7″(we do a Nirvana song and we re-recorded a song the we wrote in ’89)
– Mos Generator/Doublestone split 7″
– Lay Bare will re-issue “The Vault Sessions” on 12″ 45rpm
– South Spit will do a very short run of “Late Great Planet Earth” on LP. These will only be available at shows and on our webstore.

The band also recently released a preview track from the new album. If the track is any indication of the entirety of the new album, you’ll find shades of Sabbath, some Clutch, but this is Mos Generator through and through and fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

‘Like’ Mos Generator on Facebook HERE.

Thoughts on Mos Generator? Like the new track? Make sure to leave a comment below!



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