Noiseheads Begin Work on New Album

Good news grunge fans, Noiseheads have already begun work on their sophomore album. This was a bit surprising to fans as it has been less than a year from their critically-acclaimed debut, “1994.” The band announced via their Facebook page that pre-production has started and the band is excited for 2014. If you have paid close attention to the band’s website, Noiseheads has a lot planned for the upcoming year including this album. The band is looking to book shows on the east coast and Europe as well. After speaking to the band I also know there is additional news that is huge and will have fans excited; it’s only a matter of time before Noiseheads reveals that to the world but get ready!

Noiseheads began in 2010 but their debut, “1994” rocketed them onto the scene in 2013. Led by frontman Nick Gray, Noiseheads captures grunge and alternative from the 90’s without being a carbon copy. The guitar work and melodies are all their own and they’ve garnered some much deserved press because of it. They’ve been featured on many websites and radio stations and “1994” was featured in AlternativeNation’s top albums and top new bands of 2013. The band also recently released their music video for ‘God Like Wannabe’ which is featured above and they will have another one on the way in 2014. Check back here for more news regarding Noiseheads but for now get excited for this band to ride the momentum of 2013 well into the new year.

‘Like’ the band on Facebook HERE. They are just 5 away from 1,000.

Thoughts on Noiseheads? Leave a comment below!


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